Antje Schultz

Dipl.-Übersetzerin, zertifizierte Stadtführerin (BVGD)

Typical Cologne


During this stroll through the old town you will get to know typical Cologne specialities like Kölsch (the beer), Eau de Cologne and carnival. You will see some of Cologne’s famous brewery pubs and learn about the fifth season of the year.


Amusing little stories will reveal the mentality and joy of living of the people  around here and you will meet funny creatures like little dwarfs or the originals Tünnes and Schäl. At the end of the tour you will understand the slogan “Cologne is a feeling”!

This tour can, upon request, include a short stop in a brewery pub to taste the Kölsch or a sweet-scented stop in a traditional Eau-de-Cologne shop.