Antje Schultz

Dipl.-Übersetzerin, zertifizierte Stadtführerin (BVGD)

Tours on offer

 General tours – an overall view

Old town walking tour

General overwiew about the development and  the multi-faceted aspects of a modern big city proudly presenting its 2000 years of history. [more…]

City tour on coach

If you arrive in Cologne by coach, a city tour is a good overall view and first orientation. [more…]

In the course of time…

Walking tours focusing on different periods of Cologne’s history.  A closer look brings the respective era to life. [more…]  

Thematic tours

Typical Cologne

Walking tour in the old town explaining the city’s specialities and the mentality of the Cologne people. [more…]

Cologne underground – hidden treasures

Several metres under the present street level, you can discover exciting traces of the past. [more…]

Fountains and sculptures – walking tour in the old town

The cityscape is marked by numerous fountains,  monuments, sculptures and memorials. This walking tour offers a closer look on these artworks and the artitsts and gives interesting background information. [more…]

Women in Cologne – a historic walk

Women have influenced Cologne at all times. You will get to know interesting, tragical and amusing stories of Cologne women. [more…]

Interior visits

  • Cologne Cathedral
  • Roman-Germanic Museum
  • Praetorium (excavation of  the roman governor’s palace)
  • City museum in the former arsenal building
  • Chocolate museum
  • Romanesque church St. Maria im Kapitol
  • Romanesque church Groß St. Martin with excavations

Excursions to the surrounding area

  • Bonn
  • Königswinter and mountains of Siebengebirge (including the famous Dragon’s rock)
  • Linz – the colourful town on the Rhine

Combinations and tailor-made programmes are as well available. For advice, further information and offers please write to